Welcome to the fight against plastic pollution, together we can achieve a plastic waste free world. 

End Plastic Pollution envisions a future free from plastic. Since our launch in 2020, we have grown into an active group of youth environmental activists, students and volunteers demanding greater corporate accountability and corporate action to end plastic pollution. 

Corporations are endangering our future by continuing to produce single-use plastics. We are raising awareness towards the science of plastics, its effects on people, planet and climate and what corporate polluters need to do about it. Young voices matter because we will live with the heaviest consequences of the plastic and climate crises that our generation contributed to the least.

We are an active group of youth environmental activists, volunteers and students. 

Through our work we are educating, empowering and supporting communities to end plastic pollution. 

Our informed campaigns are based on collected brand audit data exposing the extent of reach by plastic waste and its polluters in our communities.

This is done while we cleanup the communities where we find this plastic waste. 

Through our informative campaigns and activities we are growing a strong voice and platform for fighting against the increasing plastic pollution problem with an action oriented approach.

Many companies producing plastics have for a long time ignored taking action towards the plastic pollution crisis they create. In Uganda, our work in communities is exposing a most dangerous reach of plastics in our environment today. With plastics found in our neighborhood, rivers, lakes, drainage channels, towns, cities and our own villages / rural communities.  We are continuing to spread / scale-up our activities to cover the entire country to involve more people and communities and as well drive an informed campaign with evidence gathered from our own actions in our own communities. 

End Plastic Pollution - Uganda initiative is a proud Core Member of the global Break Free From Plastic movement (https://breakfreefromplastic.org) Joining other 11,000 organizations and individuals to demand massive reductions and share the common values of environmental protection. 

We are also members of the GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives) Find more at www.no-burn.org

Our activities are modeled towards achieving the UN-Sustainable Development Goal (s) 6, 13, 14, 15 and generally to promote the application of good sustainable business and consumer practices to end plastic pollution.

Join Africa's largest movement of individuals demanding greater corporate action and responsibility from companies that generate plastics to end plastic pollution. 

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